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TANG’s experience in nightclubs stretches back over 20 years ago well before TANG was formed when the founding members first ventured into the scene.

Today TANG runs three nightclubs with an experienced team that facilitates every facet of the business including, inter alia, operations, marketing, ticketing, sales and VIP services. This is what gives them the cutting edge that has seen them operate some of Australia’s most acclaimed nightclubs, past and present!

Large Scale Events & Festivals

Having cemented their position as industry leaders in nightclubs, TANG inevitably found themselves running large scale events and festivals like Godskitchen, Sundown and Ultra Music Festival in Australia just to name a few.

Ultra Australia is the flagship event of TANG running over three years and across Australia’s two biggest cities: Melbourne and Sydney, the event has attracted almost 100,000 ravers to date. World class acts have headlined these events including Marshmello, Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix, Afrojack, Dash Berlin, DJ Snake, Eric Prydz & Zedd.

With their extensive experience and knowledge in nightclubs the TANG team helped facilitate many facets of Ultra Australia including operations, marketing, ticketing, sales, production and VIP services.

Event Sales Partner

TANG has a sales force that consists of an extensive database and vast network of ambassadors. That reach into a niche yet large market has led to their involvement in other events outside the realm of nightclubs and festivals including sporting and cultural events. In 2018 and 2019 they supported the sales and marketing of events that toured the likes of iKon, Jhene Aiko and the late Kobe Bryant. 

Product Launches & Brand Activations

Through their nightclub and events TANG has helped many businesses bring their brand and products to the market through carefully curated collaborations. Past collaborators include the likes of BLVGARI, Belvedere Vodka, Hennessy, Moët, Dom Pérignon, Red Bull Culture Kings, Secret Sneaker Store and many more.

With an experienced team of event and marketing professionals TANG can help businesses introduce their product to the market, increase their brand presence in the market, or both! 

VIP services

TANG prides themselves on offering the ultimate VIP experience specialising in high end customer service, luxurious beverages, live entertainment and beautifully designed paraphernalia.

TANG’s nightclubs and events have become highly sought after by patrons looking to celebrate a special occasion to ballers looking to splash some serious cash on a lavish night out!

They have become so renowned for their outstanding VIP experience that they have been outsourced to consult and facilitate VIP services at other events.